Friday, September 07, 2007

Political Goings-On

Summer is over, I've moved to a new church on internship, and political goings-on are, well, going on. Two items:
The Ontario election campaign is revving up for the October 10 election. The governing Liberals released their platform yesterday. It takes a lot of gall for the Premier, who had a major photo-op last time signing a "pledge" not to raise taxes (and then brought in a huge tax increase - sorry, "health levy"), to make any promises at all.
Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is attacking another ex-PM, Pierre Trudeau, for not serving overseas during the Second World War. And Mulroney served in which branch of the Canadian Forces? It amazes me how politicians without any military service are the most vicious pit bulls for causes like "supporting our troops." Another case in point is Messrs. Bush and Cheney, who succeeded in avoiding service in Vietnam, but during two campaigns savaged Gore and Kerry, both of whom actually went to war, as unpatriotic.