Friday, May 16, 2014

Word For Word Bible Comic

I remember the Bible comics we had in Sunday school, and the six-volume set of The Picture Bible I still have ("Genesis to Revelation in Picture Strip Form. Dramatic, Authentic"). But Bible comics have always been written primarily for children - except for the manga Bibles, of which there are a couple - and leave out parts of the Bible.

I was interested to learn that there is a project underway by a British artist, Samuel Amadeus Pillario, who says that "There’s a big gap between Bible-based comics and storybooks for kids, and the real harsh texts of the book we read as adults. I felt called to fill that gap and create a graphic novel of the books of the Bible that would be not be for little kids but would be a good way to reach teens (aged 15+) and adults, with the full story of the Bible." And it is the full story - a "word for word," unabridged Bible, based on the World English Bible translation and with great efforts made to have the illustrations include historically accurate detail.

There's more about the Word For Word Bible Comic here, and a Kickstarter campaign underway until May 25 to fund completion of the Book of Judges.