Saturday, November 04, 2006


I've noticed the number of new books on the American religious right - "theocons" or "Christian nationalists" as the various authors call the right's adherents. The Globe & Mail is the latest with an omnibus review, at

In his review, Michael Polanyi (of the Canadian ecumenical coalition KAIROS) asks:
"Religion has served throughout history as an inspiration for great and selfless acts of compassion, love, justice and mercy. It has also been the source of great misunderstanding and division, of harsh judgment and blind prejudice, and of the suffering -- and death -- of many.

"Which of these tendencies will dominate religion in the 21st century? Can religion be a vital source for the values and commitments consistent with creating and sustaining democratic and just societies? Or does religion's claim to a singular and absolute truth make it more likely to be a threat to the rights and freedoms -- and dignity -- of non-believers?"

The Globe today also has Wendy McElroy's review of Joanna Manning's The Magdalene Moment: A Vision for a New Christianity - An interesting debate within feminism.

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