Saturday, January 30, 2010

In Haiti There is Anguish

This hymn was written by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, Presbyterian Church of the USA, to the tune St. Christopher ("Beneath the Cross of Jesus"). It has been circulating among pastors as one way to express some of the thoughts and feelings we have had over the last two weeks since the earthquake in Haiti.

In Haiti, there is anguish that seems too much to bear;
A land so used to sorrow now knows even more despair.
From city streets, the cries of grief rise up to hills above;
In all the sorrow, pain and death, where are you, God of love?

A woman sifts through rubble, a man has lost his home,
A hungry, orphaned toddler sobs, for she is now alone.
Where are you, God, when thousands die – the rich, the poorest poor?
Were you the very first to cry for all that is no more?

O God, You love your children; you hear each lifted prayer!
May all who suffer in that land know you are present there.
In moments of compassion shown, in simple acts of grace,
May those in pain find healing balm, and know your love's embrace.

Where are you in the anguish? God, may we hear anew
That anywhere your world cries out, you're there – and suffering too.
And may we see, in others' pain, the cross we're called to bear;
Send out your church in Jesus' name, to pray, to serve, to share.

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