Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Our God Comes

I was sent a review copy of the CD Our God Comes by Antioch Live, the worship band for Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas. It's the band's second CD, having released Forever Sound last year.

Antioch Community Church currently has 30 church plants in the United States and another 40 in other parts of the world, all involving more than 30,000 people. So I had great expectations of the band of the church at the centre of this movement. I was not disappointed. Worship bands like Hillsong have set high standards for sound and songwriting, and Antioch Live is meeting them. The sound quality of the live album is what would be expected from an arena concert.

The album begins with the high-energy pop of Come (lyrics like "When you walk into the room, I can feel you" could as easily be in a Top 40 pop song as in a praise and worship song). Light Me Up and Awaken Us are also power pop numbers, but I admit that Come is my favourite song on the CD. Piano melody is featured on songs like Wonderful Counselor, How Much More, Savior Forever and I Will Raise, and electro-pop on such tracks as God and King and God Who Saves.

The 72-minute, live recording was produced by James Mark Gulley and assistant Owen Wible, recorded by Randy Adams and mastered at Marcussen Mastering in Hollywood CA by Stephen Marcussen. Featuring songwriters James Mark Gulley, Stephen Gulley, Brandon Seibert, Thomas Wilson and Johanna Six, Our God Comes also features worship leaders James Mark Gulley, Stephen Gulley, Johanna Six and Clare Berlinsky.

Full track listing: Come
God And King
Wonderful Counselor
God Who Saves
How Much More
I Will Raise
Light Me Up
Awaken Us
One Hundred Three
Savior Forever
Our God Comes

All songs are available with CCLI licencing.

More information on Our God Comes can be found on iTunes and from Clear Day Media Group.

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